Light Bulbs, Color Temperature and Design

We just had some beautiful Pilsen White granite installed in our kitchen but I was surprised when it looked like vanilla ice cream after it was installed. I was amazed at how warm and almost yellow my new granite appeared. It just didn’t look right with the cool, gray backsplash tile. Needless to say, I was not happy. I thought about it for a while and wondered what could be causing the yellow appearance. Was it the cherry stained cabinets? Was it the beige paint color on the wall? No, it must be the light bulbs!

I immediately had to check my theory so I made a trip to Home Depot to get some new light bulbs. My husband and I stared at the wall of light bulb options. Oh my goodness, there are many! LED bulbs are the “thing” and fluorescent bulbs make me crazy (buzzing and humming and flickering). We picked up a couple of bulbs, one Cree bulb and another that I won’t mention by name because it shot out of the ceiling and hit my husband in the head. Yah, that’s why he installs the light bulbs.


Cree 6″ recessed light bulb

recessed light

Super hubby installing new Cree light bulb

The Cree recessed bulb was easy to install (for my husband) and wow, what a difference! My granite was no longer yellow in the area underneath that bulb! The Cree Daylight 6″ recessed light made all the difference! Now I am happy.


Before-Warm light bulb

countertop with daylight Cree bulb

After-Daylight light bulb

Take a look at the impact that the color (Kelvin, or color temperature) of the light bulb will make.


Now how do you want your room to look? The daylight light bulbs have a higher Kelvin rating and they bring out the distinct colors in let’s say, granite which is amazing. The light is a little harsh in the evening but the Cree recessed light bulbs are dimmable so that is easily resolved. Hooray! If you like a lot of warmth and a cozy environment then warm white is the way to go. You can get soft white or daylight with the Cree recessed bulbs. You can experiment with other bulbs from different manufacturers to see what you like best in your home.

So, play around with light bulbs and share your feedback! Do you have a favorite bulb or color?

Have a happy day!


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