Family, Inspiration, Friends, and Interior Design

When I work with my clients I consider the following three values:

Family First- The rooms need to support the lifestyle of the family who lives in the home. If the family has pets, young children, teens, aging parents, or someone with special needs, I want to make sure that everyone is comfortable. The fabrics, layout, and lighting for example, need to function uniquely.

Photo: Twin Shoot

2. Rooms that Inspire- Busy entrepreneurs and their families should be inspired to reach their goals. I work with a lot of business people with high power jobs and retired folks that are ultra active. They travel, volunteer, take classes, train colleagues, own their own business and they just won’t settle for a ho-hum home. They want a home that inspires their intellect and creativity. I believe that a home is a reflection of our internal joys and desires. I want my clients to visualize all of the potential that they possess and then reflect that in their home.

Photo: Diego Jimenez

3. Friends-My clients like to entertain. They want their friends to feel comfortable at their home. Enjoying a meal, watching the game, enjoying a cocktail or cup of coffee; their friends are always welcome. A cozy, welcoming atmosphere is of utmost importance.

Photo: Tyler Nix

How can I achieve a cozy, comfortable, inspiring home for my clients? I listen and make conscientious choices and I pray because faith is also part of the mix. Interior design is not just about creating beautiful rooms; it’s about creating a lifestyle of love, hope, and dreams!

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