Avoid These Interior Design Mistakes When Moving into Your New Home

Moving into your brand-new home is a fantastic opportunity to make your mark on your own personal space. The problem is, when shopping in Dallas, you might find yourself buying a random assortment of accessories to go in your new property; a process that often leads to a complicated and mis-matched design.  

What many new homeowners forget is that great interior design requires a trained eye. While you might see something  you love when you’re shopping, not everything you like will look perfect in your new property. Try to avoid these mistakes when you’re creating your private oasis.

Mistake One: Forgetting About Scale

Interior designers are a master of scale, but the average new homeowner isn’t. It takes a lot of talent and experience to decorate a room with the right degree of scale. Some people end up placing too many small things in a room, which make it look cluttered. On the other hand, it’s just as easy to fill a room with too many large items, making it appear small and stuffed.

The key to successful design with scale is knowing how to combine objects that offer a range of different heights, sizes, and shapes. Get the scale right, and everything else will be more likely to fall into place.

Mistake Two: Buying Too Quickly

Moving into a new home is complicated because you want your property to look perfect as fast as possible. This is why it’s so common to indulge in impulse buys that don’t work for your design strategy. While there’s nothing wrong with buying something that you fall in love with, make sure that you keep the receipt in case things don’t work out the way you had hoped.

Before you start shopping without the advice of an interior designer, make sure that you do plenty of planning. You might need to carry a picture of your room around with you, and combine that with a good understanding of your budget.

Mistake Three: Going it Alone

Even if you consider yourself to be a budding interior design expert, that doesn’t mean that you won’t make any mistakes when you’re decorating your new property. It’s hard to be objective when you’re personally attached to a space, which is why it’s helpful to get the opinion of a professional.

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Cheers to an imaginative, happy, and charming home!


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