How the Colors in Your Home Affect Your Mood

How the Colors in Your Home Affect Your Mood

Trying to find that perfect color to paint the different rooms in your home can be an indecisive and frustrating experience, spent mulling over endless shades in the local hardware store. You peruse catalogs, the internet, and sites like Pinterest for some interior inspiration, but can’t seem to find the right color scheme. One helpful tip is to look into the colors themselves, and how they play a role in influencing emotions. These insights can help to narrow down options, and below are a list of colors, and how they might influence different moods to help you determine the perfect colors for your space.


Black is often shied away from due to its dark attributes, but there are multiple shades of black, including light grays, concrete tones, and even silver, that are lighter hues that you can bring into your space. These tones are often used in industrial or sophisticated classic design, which is perfect for any home office. Shades of black are often associated with elegance and feelings of mystery., This makes it a daring choice to bring into your own office space, but often works as a neutral pop of color, that is also versatile. Using it sparingly and as an accent color to offset bright whites, it can help to create a classic and simple ambiance. Accessorize with silver desk accents and art, to tie in a lighter shade of black that adds dimension to the dark hued room. 


Brown, similar to black, is a more versatile color, with shades being compatible with almost any bold color. Shades of brown can be used to create a more reserved color scheme. Brown evokes warmth, trust, and safety, but if used in excess it can make a room seem empty. Paint a dining space a mushroom shade, but to avoid making the room seem stark and boring,  introduce trending design through a farmhouse inspired wooden dining room set, that includes bold colored cushioned chairs or benches. The dining space will inspire a sense of unity and comfort, and bring in brushed gold table settings and fresh plants for an added pop of natural color. 


Blue inspires peace and tranquility, which makes it perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. Having a DIY spa in the home is a relaxing luxury for some, so incorporate lighter shades in the bathroom, with sky blue walls paired with all white countertops, vanity, and appliances. An intricate chandelier can top it all off, and create the perfect at home retreat. 

Use shades of blue in the bedroom, for similar reasons of inspiring relaxation and to aid in sleep. Recent studies conducted by the National Sleep Foundation have shown that bringing blue in a bedroom helps the promote sleep by being less stimulating to the eyes and lowering heart rate levels. Adding blue to your space can help with your overall physical health throughout the day as well. Introduce a darker shades of dusk blue into the bedroom space, to evoke a tranquil, cozy, yet bold atmosphere. Add in lighter toned wood bedroom furnishings, white bedding, and fresh greenery to make a simple and relaxing space fit for sleeping the day’s stresses away.


Red is a strong color that emulates power, passion, and warmth. If you have a bar or a central gathering spot for guests, red is the perfect eye catching color to incorporate into this space. Use red sparingly as accented walls or through furnishings, or get creative with red toned bar accessories. Go to local flea markets or antique shops and find an old bar cart to refurbish, and be on the lookout for vintage decanters. Paint a maroon accent wall for a warm, rich atmosphere to use as a backdrop for your new finds. To add to the fun and energetic atmosphere, add a lighted BAR sign, to make it a joyous and bold gathering area when guests visit.


Green is a naturally derived color (similar to brown), but symbolizes vitality, harmony, and vibrancy. The simplest way to bring hues of green into a space is through fresh plants. Use plants like peace lilies and oversized ferns to decorate, adding freshness to a room, with the added benefit of their air purifying qualities. 

Introducing natural elements to a space has also shown positive effects on individuals emotional, mental, and physical health. Researchers at The American Psychological Association have found that individuals exposed to natural scenes, color schemes, or fresh greenery led healthier more satisfied lives, making it a great color to introduce into any area of the home. Green tones can help evoke a simplistic vibrancy, for a fresh and soothing atmosphere. Pair with bright whites, dark stained furnishing, and brushed gold accents for a mid century modern design. You can also use lighter tones for a vibrant, creative, and youthful space.


Yellow is an energetic, fun color that is eye catchingly bright, and works great in a playroom or creative space. Yellow inspires optimism and joy, so even tying it into a breakfast nook makes it a positive way to start the day. Design a cozy breakfast nook with a small table for the to family share a morning meal, that incorporates yellow table settings and centerpiece for a bright and inviting space. Yellow can become overpowering, so stray away from painting the walls, and instead opt for yellow decor accessories, cushions for seating, or a yellow vase as a centerpiece to bring in subtle touches of yellow. Yellow flowers are also a simple way to accessorize a table or any room that you want to bring energetic brightness to.

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